FMI’s extensive fabrication capabilities simplifies our distributors’ production and supply to their customers. Our factories at our Auckland complex, fitted with the latest machinery, our design and manufacturing expertise as well as our product diversity equates to significant economies of scale in our overall offer. We are able to supply a variety of finished items faster, and at a lower cost, than our distributors could achieve with their own facilities. We also have the capability to test and ensure our products are of a high quality and can withstand New Zealand conditions.


Nothing refreshes a home quite like an entrance door, and our Platinum Doors range has something for everyone. From classic panel doors for traditional homes, heritage doors for villas, and flush panel doors for contemporary designs.

Our range is constructed of aluminium which means they won’t split, warp, or need repainting and with the right care, our entry doors will keep the same beautiful look for years to come.

The majority of our aluminium doors have a thermal option available offering greater energy efficiency.


Our security and barrier doors not only provide peace of mind but also excellent ventilation allowing for a flow of fresh air while keeping out annoying insects.

FMI Platinum Security Doors have been thoroughly tested far higher than industry standards. They come standard with black stainless steel mesh, multipoint locking and our patented mesh retention mechanism making them an excellent barrier against even determined burglars.

The Barrier Doors come standard with diamond grille, black aluminium mesh screen and single point locking.


We fabricate a range of wardrobe doors to compliment any residential interior.

Mirrored wardrobe doors that can be colour matched to an existing colour scheme combine functionality, and create a broader feeling of space.

All wardrobe doors are made to measure, the aluminium tracks and frames ensure durability. All tracks and frames are powder coated or anodised giving a long lasting finish.


Our aluminium fencing and gates offer affordable solutions that add style and value to existing or new homes. They are strong and durable yet light in weight. Aluminium also has an innate resistance to atmospheric conditions and coupled with a powder coated finish in a variety of colour choices means rust will never be a problem.